1 in 3 women in America...

Statistics tell us that 1 in 3 women in America have succumbed to the lie that abortion’s legal status makes it a reasonable choice for an unplanned pregnancy. Maybe you are one of these women and you have experienced years of struggle due to the irreversible choice you made to end the life of your baby. Up until now you may have felt your only recourse was to suffer in the secret silence of your regret. You may be like other post-abortive women. You may have wrestled with self-destructive thoughts, depression brought on by guilt and shame, emotional trauma, anxiety, sleep and eating problems or drug and alcohol abuse. You may have cried out to God, in desperate need of hope and help and yet still feel trapped in your sin.


At Liberty through “A Movement of Love,” we offer the hope that the cross brings to each one who has sinned and fallen short of God’s glorious standards – we offer the opportunity to experience the forgiveness found in Christ and the freedom that He died to give to all who have been made captive by sin.


No longer do you have to suffer with your secret in silence. Women are bravely coming forward and through the bible study, “Forgiven and Set Free” are finding their way to wholeness. We invite you to call Pastor Joan at 425-9673 Ext. 306 if you are ready to join these women and receive forgiveness and restoration through the love of Jesus.

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